Col. Bruce Hampton and The Late Bronze Age - OUTSIDE LOOKING OUT

The Late Bronze Age’s OUTSIDE LOOKING OUT was the initial release from Landslide Records in 1980. Featuring words and music by Col. Bruce Hampton and multi-instrumentalist Billy McPherson, aka Ben “Pops” Thornton, the album garnered critical acclaim from newspapers and magazines nationwide, including the NEW YORK TIMES, MUSICIAN Magazine, and the ATLANTA CONSTITUTION. With dada-esque lyrics amidst jazz and blues backing tracks, OUTSIDE LOOKING OUT is a highly distinctive musical experience. Notable special guests include Paul McCandless, Eric Kloss, David Earle Johnson, and Gary Gazaway aka “El Bujo.”

Col. Bruce Hampton and The Late Bronze Age - ISLES OF LANGERHAN

Produced by Eddy Offord (Yes, Emerson Lake & Palmer), the second album by The Late Bronze came out in 1982 and is a driving studio representation of the band’s legendary, and somewhat crazed, concerts in the early 1980’s. The lineup includes Col Bruce (aka Hampton B. Coles), Billy McPherson (Ben “Pops” Thornton), Ricky Keller (Lincoln Metcalfe), and Jerry Fields (Bubba Phreon). The all original tunes are highlighted by the definitive version of “Time Is Free,” now a Hampton standard at his live shows. With a host of strong press notices, The Late Bronze Age toured the south and northeast throughout the 80s.


A compilation of some of the Colonel’s signature work with various bands between 1977 to 2007, STRANGE VOICES features numerous steller musicians who have graced Hampton’s company over the years. Included are multi instrumentalist Billy McPherson, guitarists Tinsley Ellis, Paul Barrere, Bill Hatcher, and Karl Ratzer, bassist Ricky Keller, Drummers Jerry Fields, Sonny Emory, Jeff Sipe and Yonrico Scott, woodwinds master Paul McCandless, and saxophonist Eric Kloss. Definitely eclectic and vintage Hampton.

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