Landslide Records 40th Anniversary


The two CD package will include most of the artists who have appeared on the label, including Col. Bruce Hampton, The Derek Trucks Band, Widespread Panic, Webb Wilder, Tinsley Ellis, and many others. The album is a specially priced, eclectic mix of Southern Roots, Jazz, Blues and Rockabilly that rocks, rolls, grooves, and touches the heart.


1. TINSLEY ELLIS & THE HEARTFIXERS Drivin’ Woman (Ellis) Frozen Inca Music, BMI FROM THE ALBUM, COOL ON IT. Tinsley Ellis, vocals, guitar; Wayne Burdette, bass; Michael McCauley, drums; Dave Cotton, sax. Produced by Eddy Offord. 1986

2. THE BLUESBUSTERS w/Paul Barrere, Catfish Hodge, T Lavitz Phone Don’t Ring (Barrere-Wheeler) Barrere Music, ASCAP. ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTE. Paul Barrere, vocals, guitar; Catfish Hodge, guitar; T Lavitz, keyboards; Freebo, bass; Larry Zack, drums. Produced by Ricky Keller. 1986

3. PIANO RED Rockin’ With Red (Perryman) Unichappel Music, BMI. THE LOST ATLANTA TAPES. Piano Red, vocals, piano. Produced by Piano Red. 2010

4. DAMON FOWLER Make The Best Of Your Time (Fowler) Damon Fowler Music, BMI. ALAFIA MOON. Damon Fowler, vocal, guitar; Chuck Riley, bass; Justin Headley, drums; Mike Kach, keyboard. Produced by Damon Fowler and George Harris. 2021

5. SCRAPOMATIC w/Mike Mattison & Paul Olsen Ain’t Got The Smile (Mattison), Thumb Plus Music ASCAP. ALLIGATOR LOVE CRY. Mike Mattison, vocal; Paul Olsen, guitars; JeffLipstein, drums; George Rush, bass. Produced by John Snyder. 2006

6. DELTA MOON w/Tom Gray & Mark Johnson Coolest Fools (Gray) Gray Matter Publishing, BMI. CABBAGETOWN. Tom Gray, vocal, guitar; Mark Johnson, vocal, guitar; Franher Joseph, bass; Marion Patton, drums. Produced by Delta Moon. 2017

7. TINSLEY ELLIS & THE HEARTFIXERS Walkin’ Thru The Park (Waters) Arc Music, BMI. LIVE AT THE MOONSHADOW. Chicago Bob Nelson, vocal, harmonica; Tinsley Ellis, guitar; Jim Bullard, bass; Mike McCauley, drums. Produced by Tinsley Ellis and Michael Rothschild. 1983

8. THE BLUESBUSTERS w/Paul Barrere, Catfish Hodge, T Lavitz Elmo’s Blues (Hodge) Chicken Legs Music, ASCAP. THIS TIME. Catfish Hodge, vocal, guitar; Paul Barrere, guitar; T Lavitz, keyboard; Freebo, bass; Larry Zack, drums. Produced by Ricky Keller. 1983

9. SEAN COSTELLO Motor Head Baby (Mario DeLagarde/John Watson) Ft. Knox/Jowat/Trio Music, BMI. SEAN’S BLUES. Sean Costello, vocal, guitar; Melvin Zachary, bass; Terence Prather, drums; Matt Wauchope, piano. Produced by Sean Costello. 2009

10. JIM QUICK & COASTLINE Sweet Mama Do Right Ballard) Ft. Knox Music/Trio Music, BMI. SWEET & RIPE. Jim Quick, vocals; Casey Meyer, guitar; Stephen Thorne, sax, vocals; Glen Tippett, Saxes, keyboards, vocals. Produced by Michael Rothschild. 2005

11. NAPPY BROWN w/Tinsley Ellis & The Heartfixers Hard Luck Blues (R.Brown) Ft. Knox Music, BMI. TORE UP. Nappy Brown, vocal; Tinsley Eillis, guitar; Wayne Burdette, bass; Michael McCauley, drums; Scott Alexander, piano; Billy Mcpherson, sax; Skip Lane, baritone sax; Andy Hagan, trumpet; George Rollis, trumpet. Produced by Eddy Offord, Ricky Keller and Michael Rothschild. 1984

12. WEBB WILDER & THE BEATNECKS Dance For Daddy (Field-Felton) Sharp Circle Music/Blue Water Music, ASCAP. IT CAME FROM NASHVILLE. Webb Wilder, vocal, guitar; Donny Roberts, guitar; Denny Blakely, bass, Jimmy Lester, drums. Produced by R.S. Field. 2004

13. CIGAR STORE INDIANS, Mother Of The Bride (Friedman) Ben Friedman Music, BMI . CIGAR STORE INDIANS. Ben Friedman, vocal, guitar; Jim Lavender, guitar, Keith Perissi, bass; Francis Farran, drums. Produced by Rodney Mills & Cigar Store Indians. 1995

14. GEOFF ACHISON Skeleton Kiss (Achison) Geoff Achison Music. SOVEREIGN TOWN. Geoff Achison, vocal, guitars; Andrew Fry, Upright bass, Dave Clark, drums; Liam Kealy Hammon Organ. Produced by Geoff Achison and Ric Formosa. 2018

15. KING JOHNSON w/Oliver Wood & Chris Long Atlas (King Johnson) Royal Kook Music, BMI. HOT FISH LAUNDRY MAT. Oliver Wood, guitar, vocals; Chris Long, bass, vocals; Greg Baba, drums; Marcus James, sax, clarinet, flute; Adam Mewherter, trombone, sousaphone, Chris Uhler, percussion. Produced by King Johnson. 2003

16. SEAN COSTELLO She Changed My Mind (Costello-Linden) Nitelatch Music, BMI SEAN’S BLUES. Sean Costello, vocal, guitar; Melvin Zachary, bass; Terence Prather, drums; Matt Wauchope, piano. Produced by Sean Costello and Jeff Bakos. 2009

17. DAVE BARTHOLOMEW Jazz Fest In New Orleans (Bartholomew) Legends Music, BMI NEW ORLEANS BIG BEAT. Dave Bartholomew, vocal, trumpet; Charles Moore, guitar; Thaddeus Richard, keyboards; Erving Charles, bass; Bernard “Bunchie” Johnson, drums; Glenn McCarthy, trumpet; Roussel White, trumpet. 1999


1. DAVID EARLE JOHNSON w/John Abercrombie & Dan Wall Route Two (Johnson) Frozen Inca Music, BMI ROUTE TWO. David Earle Johnson, percussion; John Abercrombie, guitar; Dan Wall, organ. 1982

2. THE DEREK TRUCKS BAND Mr. PC (Coltrane) Jowcol Music, BMI. THE DEREK TRUCKS BAND. Derek Trucks, guitar; Todd Smallie, bass; Bill Mckay, organ; Yonrico Scott, drums. Produced by John Snyder. 1997

3. WIDESPREAD PANIC Travelin’ Light (Cale) ATV Music, BMI. SPACE WRANGLER. John Bell, vocal, guitar; Mike Houser, guitar; Dave Schools, bass; Todd Nance, drums; Domingo Ortiz, percussion. Produced by John Keane and Widespread Panic. 1988

4. COL. BRUCE HAMPTON & THE LATE BRONZE AGE King Greed (Hampton-McPherson) Three Bronson Bark Music, BMI. OUTSIDE LOOKING OUT. Bruce Hampton, vocal, Billy McPherson, vocal, horns, guitar, bass; Al Nicholson, drums. Produced by Bruce Hampton and Billy McPherson. 1981

5. THE BRAINS Dancing Under Streetlights (Gray) Gray Matter Music, BMI. DANCING UNDER STREETLIGHTS. Tom Gray, vocal, keyboards; Rick Price, guitar, Keith Christopher, bass; Charles Wolff, drums. Produced by Mark Richardson and The Brains. 1982

6. MIKE MATTISON Midnight In Harlem (Mattison-Trucks) Thumb Plus Music ASCAP/Younkin Music, BMI. YOU CAN’T FIGHT LOVE. Mike Mattison, vocal; Paul Olsen, guitarm Ted Pecchio, bass; Tyler Greenwell, drums; Dave Yoke, guitar. Produced by Mike Mattison. 2014

7. GARY BENNETT Human Condition (Bennett) Speelyai Creek Songs, BMI, HUMAN CONDITION. Gary Bennett, vocal, guitar; Kenny Vaughan, guitar, Mark Winchester, bass; Jimmy Lester, drums; Marty Stuart, mandolin; Lloyd Green, pedal steel. Produced by R.S. Field. 2006

8. BLUEGROUND UNDERGRASS Clock Goes On (Mosier) Frozen Inca Music, BMI. FACES. Jeff Mosier, vocal, banjo; David Blackmon, fiddle; Matt Williams, guitar; Matt Cowley, drums; Francisco Fattoruso, bass. Produced by Jeff Mosier and Ben Holst. 2006

9. STEAM DONKEYS Little Honky Tonks (Quigley) Frozen Inca Music, BMI. LITTLE HONKY TONKS. Buck Quigley, vocal; Charlie Quill, guitar; John Brady, drums; Kyle Brock, bass; Doug Moody, fiddle. Vocal. Produced by the Steam Donkeys 1998.

10. THE LOST CONTINENTALS Notorious (Lost Continentals) Lost Continentals Music, BMI. MOONSHINE AND MARTINIS. Amy Pike, vocal; Jeff Passifume, guitar, Johnny Cowan, bass; Michael Wray, drums. Produced by the Lost Continentals and Jeff Bakos. 1997

11. WEBB WILDER Hit The Nail On The Head (R. Smith) Fifth Floor Music/WB Music, ASCAP. NIGHT WITHOUT LOVE. Webb Wilder, vocal, guitar; Tom Comet, bass; George Bradfute, gutars, saxes; Rick Schell, drums. Produced by Webb Wilder and George Bradfute. 2020

12. JAN SMITH Woman Your Guitar (Smith) Honey Bird Music, ASCAP. 29 DANCES. Jan Smith, vocal, guitar; Johnny Hiland – Guitars; Byron House – Bass; Jeff Vogelgesang – Mandolin. Produced by Bill Vorndick. 2006

13. SCRAPOMATIC w/Mike Mattison & Paul Olsen Night Trains, Distant Whistles (Mattison-Olsen) Thumb Plus Music, ASCAP and Swampfoot Music, ASCAP. I’M A STRANGER AND I LOVE THE NIGHT. Mike Mattison, vocal; Paul Olsen, guitar, vocal; Dave Yoke, guitar; Ted Pecchio, bass; Tyler Greenwell, drums. Produced by Mike Mattison. 2012

14. CURLEW w/George Cartwright, Bill Laswell, Nicky Scopelitis Panther Burn (Cartwright) Welruc Music, BMI. CURLEW. George Cartwright, sax; Bill Laswell, bass, Nicky Scopelitis, guitar; Bill Bacon, drums. Produced by George Cartwright. 1981

15. PAUL MCCANDLESS w/David Samuels The Great Lawn (Traut) Common Tone Music, ASCAP. NAVIGATOR. Paul McCandless, reeds; Dave Samuels, vibes; Steve Rodby, bass, Ross Traut, guitar; Jay Clayton, vocal. Produced by Paul McCandless, Dave Samuels, and Ross Traut. 1982

16. COL. BRUCE HAMPTON & THE LATE BRONZE AGE Walking With Zambi (Try Hoodah) (Hampton-McPherson) Three Bronson Bark Music, BMI. Bruce Hampton, vocals, guitar; Billy McPherson, guitar; Ricky Keller, bass; Jerry Field, drums. Produced by Eddy Offord and The Late Bronze Age. 1982

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